Successful Case studies

Encapsulation of challenging medical surgeries and transformation of patient’s life accordingly.

Pelvic Tumour

  • Patient Name: Aminaben Osman Jat
  • Location: Vill: Lucky, Lakhpat-Kutch
  • Doctor: Dr. Madhurkar Wagh
  • Treatment: Tumour in pelvic area

Aminaben belongs to a rural village, Lucky, in Western Kutch and hails from a very poor family. Since her childhood, she had a tumour in the pelvic area but due to lack of awareness and money she could not consult a Doctor. Over a period of time the tumor became larger and the pain became unbearable for her. At an age of 30, she was brought to GAIMS, G.K. General Hospital by Adani Foundation. The complicated surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Madhurkar Wagh to remove the tumour.  

Abdominal Tumour

  • Patient Name: Mohmad Umar Chaba
  • Location: Anjar- Kutch- Gujarat
  • Doctor: Dr. Narendra Hirani
  • Treatment: Tumour in Abdominal Cavity

GAIMS is committed to serve the patients who belong to BPL and can’t afford the high costs of treatment. One of such case was of Anjar Mr. Mohmad Umar Chaba, who is of 22 years of age. He had been suffering from tumor in the abdominal cavity. He needed immediate treatment but the treatment expenditure estimate was INR 1.5 lacs at private hospitals. Mr. Chaba is the sole bread winner for the family and could not afford the cost of the treatment. Adani Foundation came forward to help him and took him to the GAIMS Teaching Hospital. Mr. Chaba was successfully operated and the tumor was removed. He stayed at the hospital for 14 days for treatment and recuperation. Post treatment, he left GAIMS in healthy condition.

Buccal Cavity Ulcers

  • Patient Name: Aisaisbai Matang
  • Location: Navinad, Tal: Mundra-Bhuj
  • Doctor: : Dr. Narendra Hirani
  • Treatment: Ulcers in buccal cavity

A 66 years old lady, Aisabai Matang, had ulcers in her mouth and buccal cavity. She couldn’t take food and the pain became unbearable pain for her. She was referred to the GAIMS Teaching Hospital by Adani Hospitals Mundra. Dr. Narendra Hirani examined her and she was diagnosed with buccal cavity cancer. After being given primary treatment she was surgically operated and the operation was successful. Post operation, the lady returned to her home and was able to take food and do her daily routine activities. 

Fracture in Tibia

  • Patient Name: Mariyamben Jusab
  • Location: Bhuj-Kutch
  • Doctor: Dr. Sangeen Bhundia
  • Treatment: Fracture in left Tibia

Mariyamben resides alone at her home near the Bhuj railway station. She developed a fracture in her left tibia after she slipped and fell at her house. She was brought to the GAIMS Teaching Hospital, Bhuj, for treatment. The patient being elderly and diabetic, special precautions were taken during the operative and post-operative stage. Her stay, treatment and other expenses were taken care of by Adani Foundation and GAIMS. After being discharged from the hospital, she is able to do her routine tasks and is living a normal life after treatment. 

Exchange Transfusion

  • Patient Name: S/O Rukaiyabanu Ganibhai
  • Location: GAIMS Hospital, Bhuj
  • Doctor: Dr. Hardas K. Chavda,
  • Treatment: Exchange Transfusion

Male patient name S/O Rukaiyabanu Ganibhai, was born to consanguineous parents by LSCS on 13th December, 2015 and was directly handed over to relatives.

But on 6th day after the birth ,18th December, 2015, during morning round we found the patient with Jaundice clinically up to thigh with serum bilirubin of 18mg/dl (Phototherapy Range) with mother blood group O positive. Direct Coombs Test was not required as baby with same blood group, so on same day we admitted him in NICU for phototherapy.

Unknown Child’s Story- Orphan

  • Patient Name: Unknown child
  • Location: GAIMS Hospital, Bhuj
  • Doctor: Dr. Hardas K. Chavda,
  • Treatment: Unknown Child’s Story- Orphan

A child was received at NICU, Dept of Pediatrics, GAIMS, Bhuj as unknown child from Patia village (Vadi-Vistar) Ta. Anjar on 5th March, 2016 via 108 ambulance. Child was full term 38wk with weight of 2.5 kg on admission with approximately 3rd day of life as umbilical cord was slightly dry. Child was presented with deep cut wound over neck and trachea was also cut.

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