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Our Ventures

Our ventures include Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS), Bhuj, and Adani Hospitals, Mundra. GAIMS is the first and only medical college in Kachchh district and Adani Hospital is a 100 bed secondary care hospital at Mundra. We are also assiting Adani Power Limited in rebuilding the district hospital in Baran, Kawai district, Rajasthan.

Below is a list of the operational ventures under Adani Healthcare Services. TEST

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS) is a unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) venture between Adani Education and Research Foundation (AERF) and the Government of Gujarat. GAIMS is part of Adani Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and is managed by Adani Education & Research Foundation, under the umbrella of Adani Foundation. Being the first ever and only medical college of Kutch District, GAIMS has crossed many notable milestones since its inception in 2009.

Adani Hospitals Mundra

Adani Hospitals Mundra, a 100-bed secondary care Hospital, was established in 2009 at Mundra, Kutch, to provide clinical services to Adani Group employees residing at Mundra and to the local population. During the first five years after inception, the hospital operations and maintenance was being handled by Sterling Hospitals. Since April 01, 2014, the Hospital has been brought entirely under the fold of Adani group.

Other Upcoming Ventures

Revamping of District Hospital & setting up of a new Nursing College at Baran District, Rajasthan

Adani Power has begun the revamping of the existing District Hospital at Baran, Rajasthan. As part of the revamping activity, the existing capacity of 300 beds at the Baran District Hospital is to be increased to 500 beds. Furthermore, a New Nursing College & Student Hostel will be constructed by Adani Power within the Baran District Hospital premises.

The above mentioned ventures are part of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of Adani Group.

Adani Healthcare Services team is providing the technical and design consulting to Adani Power in order to take forward the project.

Adani Medicity, Adani Shantigram, Ahmedabad

A state-of-the-art super-specialty Hospital, Adani Medicity, is envisaged to be set up at Adani Santigram Township, Ahmedabad. The project is currently under the design and planning stage.

Adani Medicity will house a host of clinical super-specialities and will provide the best of clinical services to the society.

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